Savin' My Pennies

by Zorro Gato

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Kevin Mekenney - Guitar, Vocals
Albert Cochrane - Drums
Stephen Micek - Bass
Stephen Kokas - Keys, Rap


released January 30, 2010

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Stephen Kokas at Sketch Studio in Aston, PA Additional tracking by Jason Jeffries at Buddah Zen Studio in Philadelphia, PA. Background vocals by Amanda Jo. Trumpet by Ed Carr



all rights reserved


Zorro Gato Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Come Along & Ride
Song: Come Along & Ride
Album: Savin' My Pennies (2010)
BPM: 118 Key: B

(Verse 1)
Four parts rhythm and one part blues
Put a little soul into something that moves
Sit back little lady, let the beat flow
Grab a drink, take your time, let the seed grow
Six strings, four skins, one beat-box
Eighty-eight keys fillin' out the cat-fox
Got a weasel just sittin' on the back groove
And a sound that makes boys and girls go "ooh"

Come along and ride (4X)

(Verse 2)
Hakuna Matata your worries down to nada
Heads boppin' to the beat, yo, you know we gotta lotta
Rhythm and blues, keepin' it cool with the people
Sittin' wit you, it's the proof we is equal
You bring the crowd, and we'll bring the groove
We'll bring the sounds, and yall bust a move
Take a ride with us, enjoy the show
Z - O - double R - O gato c'mon

You see the people start to dance and they're all laughin'
So raise your drink and knock it back, let's make it happen
And if you're feelin' fine, the night is young, and we've got time
So put on your dancing shoes and come on, let's take a ride
..... Let's take a ride
Track Name: Don't You Hesitate
Song: Don't You Hesitate
Album: Savin' My Pennies (2010)
BPM: 95 Key: B

(Verse 1)
Most bees can take my honey, and I'm still buzzin'
But when that queen bee's comin', I'll be runnin' out
I'll be on my way
They say that worries come a...A dime a dozen
So I'm 'a save my pennies for when I'm down to nothin' at all
And I'll be on my way

So I called up Mary, said "won't you come my way."
She said, "If you got money baby, I got the time today."

I stood up in a hurry, dropped back to the floor
I said, "I'm comin' for you baby,as soon as I find that door."

My thoughts started wanderin'
And I'm runnin' through the rain
I stop by to see her
Even if I'm far away
Got the kiss that keeps me livin'
My sweet Mary Jane

(Verse 2)
When you hear this rooster crowin', the hens start cluckin'
But when that big bird's showin', I'll be duckin' out
I'll be on my way
So I, ready in a hurry, put my nose down to the ground
I said, "I'm comin' for you Mary, I'll track you like a basset hound"
Track Name: Ball & Chain
Song: Ball & Chain
Album: Savin' My Pennies (2010)
BPM: 78 Key: Dm

(Verse 1)
Never ever thought I'd see you walk away,
Never thought I'd live to see the sunshine fade.
Carry me around like a ball and chain
No, you'd never let a man get in your way at all

I can see your face in the northern lights.
I can feel your shade in the summertime.
Wasting away without you by my side.
Recollect the memories of you and I
And like a hammer, she comes crashing down

(Verse 2)
Watchin' all the other lovers holdin' hands,
Walkin' through the waves in the golden sands.
Hope is just a town in the promised land
Making me believe that I could be the man for you.

I can hear your voice callin' from the sky
Whistle in the wind for a peace of mind
There is no comparison, no border line
Recollect the memories of you and I

And like a hammer, she comes crashing down (2x)

(Bridge - 2x)
The woman inside of you, she wakes the devil inside of me
It's the woman inside of you, come on, let me breathe.
Track Name: Nocturnal
Song: Nocturnal
Album: Savin' My Pennies (2010)
BPM: 91 Key: Am

(Verse 1)
Eye lids open in ordinary fashion
Enough time to watch the sunset passin'
Don't bother askin', I don't remember
Another night lost in the fight of life's passion
Stumble to the cabinet, not quite sober
Down 3 or 4 aspirin fast, with flat soda
Hold up, you see me walkin' to the pulse
I'm gettin' too old for these constant hangovers

But Imma hold up, no time to throw up
Off to the liquor store, they bout to close up
Hand a thousand empty bottles to the clerk
At ten cents a pop, make a c-note, show up
Ha-ha... you know you like to see my happy dance
Back to my place, cancel all ya crappy plans
Hot damn, we got Zorro on the mic
Keeps it hot all night, last call, no chance

When you hear my voice, you must've noticed
Me and my boys, tryna get loaded
If the feeling's right, then come on with it
We go all night, gotta get lifted away... get lifted away

(Verse 2)
The crowd gets bigger, we rockin' it so hard.
Growin' much quicker, flockin' in from closed bars
So far, everyone is feeling fantastic
Flowin' is the liquor, non-stop, go yard
And now we lookin' like a movie scene,
on the silver screen, NC-17
See I don't mean to be so cliche,
But everybody's gettin' down like it's New Years Eve

And it seems... I'm gonna pass out certainly
Hold hands steady like I'm goin' in for surgery
Flip the last cup, good till the last drop
I'm the anchorman, but I aint Ron Burgundy
Awww snap, I'm just talkin' the nonsense
It's like I'm preachin' to these barstool prophets,
Hotness, one to ten, we's a milli.
ZG rockin' the spot, it's no contest

And with the rising of the sun,
Another night is over
And my buzz is goin' strong
I know you're looking for someone...
Come on let me hold ya.
We've got to groove to get it on
Track Name: Gone Away
Song: Gone Away
Album: Savin' My Pennies (2010)
BPM: 122 Key: Em

(Verse 1)
Woke up with a fog hangin' on my brain
Could see her there, through my window pane
She said, "Hey boy, wontcha come outside,
and go downtown and watch the river rise"

(Pre-Chorus 1)
If the city falls away, then the streets, they'll turn to gold
If the people crawl away to the deep, they'll never know

With the world just wastin' time.
Eyes turned up toward the sky
The world has gone, it's...
Gone away (4x)

(Verse 2)
Woke up with a cloud stirrin' at my feet
Could feel her shadow standin' over me
I said, "No way, I don't wanna die.
I wanna stay away, on the other side"

(Pre-Chorus 2)
If the sun don't break the day, then the night will take control
If the people find their way to the light, they'll save their souls

Woke up with a fog stirrin' at my feet
Could feel her coursing through my blood stream
I said, "No way, I don't wanna die.
I wanna stay away, on the other side"
Track Name: Farewell
Song: Farewell
Album: Savin' My Pennies (2010)
BPM: 90 Key: Bm

(Verse 1)
After twenty-some years just wastin' away
Spendin' our nights, thinkin' what's one more day
The summer's gone, and now the leaves have fallen
I've tried to hide, but the world keeps callin'
So we're makin' our way to the city limit
Runnin' away, pushin' a mile a minute
If we don't look back to where we've started
We'll never think twice about those dearly departed

If I don't see you, know that I mean to say goodbye
Aoh, if you believe too, then I can meet you in my mind

(Verse 2)
It seems we've lost more than we've found
As we seek transgression from the bottomless ground
If you're driven by the rhythm, then you've got to rebel
Don't have to die to fight the devil himself
I traded my gold for what I need
These strings, this voice, and some room to breathe
Walk up to the edge and find out where your heart is
Take a couple steps and see the world uncharted

We started cool, wanted you to come along and ride
But you would hesitate, yeah you would take your time
Two different worlds apart, no they could not collide
It's like I finally find the stars up high could not align
The walls are crumbling, I'm thinkin' that it's for the best
We gotta knock it down in order to rebuild I guess
They say you wisen up with everything you didn't get
I take a deep breath, reachin' for another step

Only at the precipice, do we evolve
And only when we're scared to death, do we resolve
It figures when it's too late, we get involved
Sit and pray, make a resolution not to dissolve
Wait and stay, won't make it past the fork in the road
Can't change, why, dontcha know you're never too old
Gone away from the ball and chain hell that I hold
The same way, Imma say, farewell to her soul.