Zorro Gato (trio)

by Zorro Gato

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Kevin Mekenney - Guitar, Vocals
Albert Cochrane - Drums
Stephen Micek - Bass


released January 10, 2009

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Stephen Kokas at Sketch Studio in Aston, PA



all rights reserved


Zorro Gato Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: My Baby
Song: My Baby
Album: Zorro Gato (Trio) (2009)
BPM: 86 Key: Em

(Verse 1)
My baby got no concerns
When she walks down the street
She do what she does
What she does is deep
Blackened eyes and big red boots
The earth shakes when she moves
I can see her 'bout a half a mile

When she sings, my heart starts thumpin'
When she calls, I come runnin'
Shakes me up with all her lovin'
Ooh, sexy lady
So sweet, she tastes like honey
Got me spendin' all my money
She can take all she wants from me
She's my baby

(Verse 2)
My baby got no concerns
When she walks down the street
She do what she does
What she does is deep
Ooh, ya know she looks so mean
With knees pokin' through her jeans
Would it kill just to see her smile
Track Name: Breaking Out
Song: Breaking Out
Album: Zorro Gato (Trio) (2009)
BPM: 86 Key: F#m

(Verse 1)
With the world outside waitin',
It's time we started wakin' up, we started wakin' up
There's an old sound that's fadin',
If you wanna take it up, then let's take it up

Cause I've been livin' the lies they sold me
'fore the words started breakin' up, they started breakin' up
And I've been doin' just what they told me
Now we gotta shake it up, Let's shake it up

I'm so afraid to... open my eyes
And see the world for what it is
But if I don't face it... then I won't find
My way out of this

(Verse 2)
With the world outside waitin',
It's time we started wakin' up, started wakin' up
Aint no time for hesitatin',
If you wanna shake it up, then let's shake it up
Track Name: Red Sun
Song: Red Sun
Album: Zorro Gato (Trio) (2009)
BPM: 100 Key: F#m

Red sun smiles, burnin' my soul
Set's the place on fire, and swallows me whole
My voice fadin' out, as my lungs explode
The wall's comin' down

Shots ring out, did you hear what was said
This plane's goin' down, better cover your heard
My voice fadin' out, as it burns my soul
The wall's comin' down

Ember flames, reach up to the sky
Too far down, to ever get by
My voice fadin' out, too late to grab hold
The wall's comin' down

Faceless frames, keep wanderin' round
Set the stage, for what's about to go down
My voice fadin' out, from talkin' so cold
The wall's breakin' down

Red sun is rising. Out with the old
Red sun is rising. Reaching for gold
Red sun is rising. Burnin' my soul
Red sun is rising. Won't ever let go
... (Red sun is rising)... Won't ever let go (4x)
Track Name: MLJ
Song: MLJ
Album: Zorro Gato (Trio) (2009)
BPM: 77 Key: C / Am

(Verse 1)
Little lady, when you dance you move so fine
Bigger brother's a mean lookin' trucker
With a twinkle in his eye
Sorry mister, you got the wrong man
But I don't think he heard, as he grabbed my hand

Little buddy, when you sing you sound so sweet
Listen brother, you big scary sucker
It's your sister I'm tryin' to meet
That's okay, I know she'll understand
See, I saw you first, and now you're my man

(Chorus 1)
Touchin' my body, I started squirming
Poking and prodding, why has she forsaken me
Where is my lady, the one I saw dancin'
* Why is this man touching me (c1)
** Why must this man loving be (c2)

(Verse 2)
A little later, when the show had come to end
Little lover's, big hairy brother
Said he wanted to be my friend
Sorry mister, you got the wrong man
But I don't think he cared, as he unbuckled his pants

Little lady, when you turn and look to see
That your brother's new little lover
Is a man as much as he
Hope you come to understand
See I had no choice, when he whipped out his manhood
Track Name: Good Morning
Song: Good Morning
Album: Zorro Gato (Trio) (2009)
BPM: 52 Key: E

(Verse 1 & 2)
Morning crosses... two faces amidst
Over their dreams, the... the sun rises
But here in your room, we'll... hide from the day
Oh girl, please let me stay

(Chorus 1)
Cause I was drowning, till I picked up the phone
And heard from a friend that, you were all alone
When will I see you, how will you know
That I've always wanted, to call you my own

(Verse 3)
I saw her there, with her... big gray eyes, and she's
Lookin' at me, and that... smile don't lie, so I
Worked up the nerve just to... say her name, but she
Starts to laugh, because she's... doin' the same
And now we're flyin' babe, we're gettin'... oh so high, and now I
Thank God, and scream out... I'm alive when you're near

Cause I was drowning... (I'm alive when you're near) (4x)