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Song: Uncovered
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 60 Key: F#m

(Verse 1)
Lately, the lady I been hittin for a minute
Be slippin' over words like a cd when it's skippin
Thought I might be trippin', I must confess
Went from paranoid to full on obsessed

Diggin' through the trash for clues
like a bum for shoes, kinda hopin that I find the proof
Checkin the messages, sift through emails
Damn, I knew better than to trust this female

Can't trace the taste of her kisses
perfumes changed like shades of red lipstick
I gotta think quick, she's on her way out.
Gotta see how the night gon' play out

Grabbed the keys and hopped in my hooptie
2 blocks back so the chick can't view me
Feel like my life is on hold
I'mma follow her wherever she goes

If only I could trust this girl,
I think I'd fall in love with her
If only my suspicious mind
would let go of what I dont want to find
Nothing left to wonder, The sun has gone under
All that's left to suffer, once truth is uncovered

(Verse 2)
You'd never really notice it
Everything blurs when you're close to it
The big picture aint focusing
Develop the negative and expose it quick

Everybody tellin' me get over it
Anybody else ever take that trip,
Across that bridge, brick by brick
Cracked the can of worms, gotta open it

Stop the flashbacks, she on her way in-
Side of a house, full of lies she creatin'
I'mma sneak inside through the basement
With two fists up and a heartbeat racin'

I can't face it, if I see what I see-
In my mind I'mma make life vacant
Hard to mistake it, no chance they-
Will ever wake up from my devastation

Can't save this relationship
It's too late you'll pay for it
So when I work those weekends you creepin'
On the low while you get to cheatin'
If you stay...either way, I'm leavin'
But first he deserves a beatin'

I got a temper, you shoulda learned
You built the pressure, now watch it burn


from Surfaced, track released February 9, 2013
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Stephen Kokas at Sketch Studio in Aston, PA



all rights reserved


Zorro Gato Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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