by Zorro Gato

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released February 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Zorro Gato Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: All We Are
Song: All We Are
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 74 Key: E

(Verse 1)
All we want is all we are
And all we want is all too far
We fall from what we want and are
Cause all we want is all we are

When I scream, you scream, we all scream (Loud!) (x4)

(Verse 2)
If all we are is all we want
Then all we are is all a front
We all are far from what we want
Cause all we are is all we want
Track Name: Uncovered
Song: Uncovered
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 60 Key: F#m

(Verse 1)
Lately, the lady I been hittin for a minute
Be slippin' over words like a cd when it's skippin
Thought I might be trippin', I must confess
Went from paranoid to full on obsessed

Diggin' through the trash for clues
like a bum for shoes, kinda hopin that I find the proof
Checkin the messages, sift through emails
Damn, I knew better than to trust this female

Can't trace the taste of her kisses
perfumes changed like shades of red lipstick
I gotta think quick, she's on her way out.
Gotta see how the night gon' play out

Grabbed the keys and hopped in my hooptie
2 blocks back so the chick can't view me
Feel like my life is on hold
I'mma follow her wherever she goes

If only I could trust this girl,
I think I'd fall in love with her
If only my suspicious mind
would let go of what I dont want to find
Nothing left to wonder, The sun has gone under
All that's left to suffer, once truth is uncovered

(Verse 2)
You'd never really notice it
Everything blurs when you're close to it
The big picture aint focusing
Develop the negative and expose it quick

Everybody tellin' me get over it
Anybody else ever take that trip,
Across that bridge, brick by brick
Cracked the can of worms, gotta open it

Stop the flashbacks, she on her way in-
Side of a house, full of lies she creatin'
I'mma sneak inside through the basement
With two fists up and a heartbeat racin'

I can't face it, if I see what I see-
In my mind I'mma make life vacant
Hard to mistake it, no chance they-
Will ever wake up from my devastation

Can't save this relationship
It's too late you'll pay for it
So when I work those weekends you creepin'
On the low while you get to cheatin'
If you stay...either way, I'm leavin'
But first he deserves a beatin'

I got a temper, you shoulda learned
You built the pressure, now watch it burn
Track Name: Ay Yay Yay
Song: Ay Ya Yay
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 68 Key: B

(Verse 1)
Well people try to ask me
About the kind of music that we play
I try to set the facts straight
But they just keep talkin’ over me
“Well, hip hop over a blues riff
Young man that’s simply sacrilege”
With nothin' left for me to say
I turn my head and walk away

Ay ya ya ya yay... (4x)

(Verse 2)
Well people try and tell me
About the kind of music that we play
It’s hard to set the facts straight
With this asshole talkin’ over me
“Well blues/rock, reggae, r&b
You boys need a genre ya see”
With nothing nice for me to say
I turn my head and walk away
Track Name: Don't Let This Pass
Song: Don't Let This Pass
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 84 Key: Am

(Verse 1)
We’ve come a long, long way
Just to say goodbye
If you want to stay
We don’t have to say goodnight
It’s always on my brain
See that look in your eye (it gets me thumpin’)
If someone's in your way
Gotta let 'em pass on by (we get it jumpin’)

(Verse 2)
Forget our mistakes­
Bury deep all our lies
One night left to waste
I can't stand to see you cry
There’s nothing left to save
Ain’t no wrong’s left to right (there’s no more runnin’)
There’s nothing in your way
Well don’t let 'em pass on by (we get it jumpin’)
Track Name: Crow
Song: Crow
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 75 Key: B

(Verse 1)
My mama told me, when I grew up, I would be big and strong
Leading an army on of evil seeds and satan's spawn
Delivering early morning warnings of apocalypse
I'm feelin' opposite, but who else can accomplish it

Non-confrontational by birth, the happy-go-lucky type
Just lookin for shiny things, smiling and taking flight
But I do what I'm told, Can't seem to break the mold
I'm droppin presents off like Santa Clause, watch out below

Woah, ya see him strollin along,
Starin down all the people, a sign that a storm is sure to come,
He's as dark as the sun, can't even do no wrong
But they said he was evil, so he's working his balls off to belong

(Verse 2)
Nowhere to go, reputation owns the only name
I'll ever know, so again, I get to play this game
Scare off the superstitious, afraid I'll hurt ya
Beware I'm super vicious, circle with a murder

I should be honored, I been causing all these problems
But I'll be honest, it's been weighing on my conscience
Feel like a nuisance, a menace to society
But I love these humans, celebrating their anxiety
Track Name: Hello
Song: Hello
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 120 Key: F#m

(Verse 1)
Know it's been a while, since we've seen each other
I see that pretty smile, guiding me just like a rudder
It's like a symphony's syncing up inside of me
Gray-scale memories, finally I see in color.

It's been a long time, since we last spoke
Don't wanna ruin any moment with a bad joke
But I can't wait, to get my head straight
He who hesitates, you know how the saying goes

It's been a journey, picking up the remnants
But I don't worry, had some time to reminisce
Dreaming of the when, and if I would see your face again
Feelings I don't comprehend give me reason to exist

I built the fortress, I'll break the walls down
I'll be your knight in shining armor, should you fall down
You like a princess, damsel in distress
I'm here to save us, bring it back right now

So what could I do, I guess I was young
Foolish and dumb enough to give you up
If only I knew what I had in us
I wouldn't have lost your love

Now we have a chance to change
Those years we missed to happiness
Time to take a gamble babe
But only if we start here with hello

(Verse 2)
Took a time out, from our time together
But now I realize, no one else could know you better
Than I know you, so let me show you
How I've grown to be the one for now and ever

No doubt I messed up, but I will own it
Standing on the edge, between friend and opponent
No more wishes, magic has diminished
But we'll photo finish like a kodak moment

Used to be blue, just like an avatar
Living on the moon, somewhere up among the stars
Felt trapped then I started to adapt,
and captured a dragon, knowing I could take charge

Plus I would like to explore more of
You're world like a tour of pandora
Up in 3D, grab it right in front of me
Finally I see, it is you, I am sure of

This aint no fairytale, maybe I'm tempting fate
But we can have a happy ending if you want it babe,
Let's start it over and, not make the same mistakes
Only if you open up to hear me say... Hello...
Track Name: Goin' Under
Song: Goin' Under
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 80 Key: Bm / F#

(Verse 1)
It was all in a day, one long holiday
It was all around, comin' up from the ground
It was all erased, she said it's all a mistake
It was all around, what was goin' down

I'm goin' under, as she hold my head down, I plunder
And I can't believe the look in your eyes
When I'm down on my knees, buried deep in your thighs
I'm goin' under, as she hold my head down, I plunder
And I can't believe the look in your eyes
When I'm down on my knees, and your hips start to rise

(Rap 1)
She grabbed a hold of my tongue, go till it's numb
She's not dumb, she's no one and done
She's not satisfied, till I satisfy

(Verse 2)
It was all in a day, one long holiday
It was all around, comin' up from the ground
It was all erased, she said it's all a mistake
It was all around, what was in my mouth

(Rap 2)
We started in the kitchen, made it to the sofa
Can tell by the way she kissin', that tonight is hardly over
it's only the beginning, she fizzin' like a cola
body twitching, switchin' positions, I'm inching closer
Oratory lover, Exploratory hunger
Fingernails they dig into me, as I give that southern comfort
Never made it to the bedroom, No sleep involving Slumber
One after another, goodaz got me goin' under
Track Name: Snow Falls
Song: Snow Falls
Album: Surfaced (2013)
BPM: 55 Key: Em

(Verse 1)
Half-crescent soldier slicin' through the silence
Break me through this wall of discontent
Heavy questions still weighin' on my conscience
Wonder if I'll ever sleep again
There's some things that I should've mentioned
All this time, I've been runnin down
Hangman who carries out the sentence
Keeps my dreams from screamin' out

When the snow falls... you won't find me around
Cause no one lasts forever... in this lonely one-horse town
All the world is turnin'... inside and out
Can feel my body's burnin'... to get out

(Verse 2)
Yesterdays have rolled away
With my head buried in the sand
Stumbled through all the rainy days
Grindin' away on my knees and hands
Still I hear the words that my father told me
Up on the mountain, there lives a man
All alone, he never once said “I'm sorry”
That's a life I can understand